DEA seeking Ebonics Translator…. :::you get a side eye!!! you get a side eye!!::: smdh

So as I was having my morning coffee and meditating on the good day I would have, I came across this article  Wanted: Ebonics Translator for Federal DEA Job …

Now we all remember the controversial Ebonics debate in state of California a decade ago.

Ebonics is defined as:

African American Vernacular English: a nonstandard form of American English characteristically spoken by African Americans in the United States source

If you were to break the real word down it means black sounds.

Characterizations of Ebonics as ‘slang,’ ‘mutant,’ ‘lazy,’ ‘defective,’ ‘ungrammatical,’ or ‘broken English’ are incorrect and demeaning,” the LSA wrote in its 1997 resolution on Ebonics.

I understand what they are saying I do….but slang, is not limited to BLACK people.  Ebonics is not  recognized as a language by the Linguistic Society of America and while it should just be as simple as a means for the creation of more jobs and safer streets I’ve got to wonder if I should be outraged or excited.

I take offense would be my first thought.  I take offense for how hard we have worked as a people to not be singled out.  I feel offended that people consistently act like they don’t understand what people are saying when they speak slang. I also take offense to the fact that when there is someone that speaks slang I’m asked to interpret on my job.   I take offense to the fact that there isn’t Italionics for the characters on Jersey Shore or Lationics for those of Hispanic origin that speak slang in America, but again America wants to embarrass the crap out of black people by pointing out our uniqueness as a hindrance, this time to justice being served.

This time, the drug deals are speaking in code and only someone who speaks “Ebonics” will be able to decipher what is being said on the wire tap.  Now they want us to bring down our people under the guise of a great federal job. I’m sure almost all the workers in the Atlanta DEA office know slang, know how to speak it, and understand it.  The first thing I learned when I matriculated to ATL was how to understand what “shawty mean” and what “folk” was about….lol (the slang was different in Carolina).  I feel like those DEA workers won’t come forward out of pride AND embarrassment.  Who the hell wants to be labeled the “Ebonics” translator.  Its laughable…sometimes we have to laugh to keep from crying.

John Braugh of the linguistic Society of America believes the service could be invaluable according to the report:

“To say that it’s a bastardization is cruel,” he said. “The reality is that the linguistic consequences of slavery are greatly misunderstood.”

This is 2010 and my people are once again reduced to this…If they want to make the connection between Ebonics and the ramifications of slavery, America has a lot of making up to do.  It is once again showing the direct effects of how Slavery were harmful to social and economic development of an entire race of people. It also shows how far we have to go to get it right..

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